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Gregory Gunther has been involved in professional and freelance graphic/website design for over 13 years and has great passion for the digital arts. In 2007, he completed his Masters' degree in Communications & Digital Media Design from Saginaw Valley State University. (Now he's enjoying teaching in that same graduate program.)

Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Photography, XHMTL/CSS coding, Flash: Animation and ActionScripting, and Design for print and web, he strives every day to turn his interests and creativity into a successful career as a Designer/ Illustrator/ Teacher and Creative Entrepreneur though constant creative focus and work.

Currently he is the Coordinator of Graphic Design at
Mid Michigan Community College; overseeing, designing and handling all their graphic design projects – Websites, Poster, Logos, Billboards, Ads, Flyers, Interactive media, Magazines and Printed materials, Photography, etc. He is also an Adjunct Faculty Instructor at SVSU, teaching digital media and design courses (see above.)

Personally, he's working on launching a game development company, GAMEFORCE Studios, specializing in both video games and boardgames & toys, recently re-designed the BUNNYGO brand to better showcase his illustration skills, and continues to develop original projects. He lives in Midland, MI with his wife, Connie, and their Dutch Shepherd, Bella.

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Gregory Gunther
Multimedia Designer/ Illustrator
Midland, MI, USA

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Teaching Experience & Courses

Saginaw Valley State University: Adjunct Instructor
Communications & Digital Media Graduate Program

CDM 510 Introduction to Multimedia
CDM 541 Information Design
CDM 545 Flash Animation - Interactive Texts
CDM 590 Flash Game Programming & Development
CDM 590 Website Design/ Development
CDM 650B Advanced Project Research & Development
CDM 690B Capstone Project
Add'l: Advisements for Independent Studies & Capstone Projects

Teaching/Samples from my Students

Just a few design examples from students in my courses.
GGUNTHER–Student Samples (PDF Format)